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Forgotten Dex – Among curiosities and secrets of the Pokémon world #2

Here we are again With Pokéos and Forgetti that bring us new curiosities and secrets of the Pokémon world in the episode of “Forgotten Dex”.

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Metti mi piace!

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you for the very first time to our new format “Forgotten Dex”, a series in collaboration with our collegues at Pokéos that gives you the chance to discover some interesting facts and secrets about Pokémon that maybe you didn’t know or that you just forgot.

Today Forgetti has a lot of surprises for you and we’re sure you’ll be stunned by the end of the article. By the way, are you ready?

Forgetti Pokéos


Alright, so we can get started and dive straight down into this new episode, discovering the first secret of today.

Those Pokémon look familiar… Scarlet and Violet Books’ incongruences

During our adventures in 9th generation games, we had the opportunity to meet some quite weird creatures, looking somehow similar to famous monsters that were already part of the Pokédex. We’re talking about Paradox Pokémon. They are divided in two categories, Future and Past, and they have a great importance in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Here is an interesting fact that you might not know about these strange Pokémon, in particular Iron Treads and Great Tusk, which are Donphan’s Paradoxes of Future and Past. These two Pokémon are featured respectively in the Violet Book and the Scarlet Book and they clearly show some differences with their official artworks.

This discrepancy between the two has lead lots of Pokémon fans to think that the two Pokémon featured in the books may not be the same we encounter in 9th generation games. However, this theory has never been officially confirmed, not even with the recent release of the expansion “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero“.

Let the celebrities in! Pokéstar Studios shootings are about to start

Among the gimmicks introduced in Pokémon Black 2 Version and Pokémon White 2 Version, there’s a particular minigame gamemode where the Trainers had the opportunity to become a Movie Star, Pokéstar Studios. The particular thing about this special gamemode is that it used the classic battle system featured in the two games, a detail that brings us straight to our interesting fact. In every special minigame’s instance in fact, every actor that stars in the movie is formally either a Pokémon or a Trainer. To feed up your curiosity, we’ve selected a couple of them amid the most particular ones.

F-00, the emotional robot

R-00 is a Steel/Normal double type Pokémon. It’s featured in the Pokéstar Studios series, “Everlasting Memories“, where the Pokémon is the result of a couple of experiments performed by a young scientist. This role is embraced by the player, whose task in the first appearance of the creature is to test the emotional capabilities of F-00. The Pokémon then gets reprogrammed in the third sequel “Everlasting Memories 3” and eventually destroyed in the final chapter “Everlasting Memories 4“. As every Pokémon, even F-00 has a moveset. As of his R1 Version (form of the first two movies), behind his actions “Initialize“, “Connect” and “Shutdown” lie the moves Chatter, Flail, Growl, Teeter Dance, Defense Curl, Headbutt, Head Smash, Needle Arm, Hammer Arm, Iron Head, Perish Song and Thrash. The R2 version has just the one action “Runtime Exception” which corresponds to the moves Fire Blitz, Iron Head, Psychic and Wid Charge. As of their abilities, instead, they’re Volt absorb for R1 Version and Reckless for R2.

Wait is that Iron Thorns? The untamable rage of the colossuses

MT, which stands for Mecha Tyranitar, is another Pokéstar Studios enemy. He stars in the “Big Monster” series where the player, who is part of the Guardians of Unova, must fight against plenty of threats, including Mecha Tyranitar. Only by continuing with the “Big Monster” series, we find out that MT is not the only mecha, as he is part of a group that includes MT2, a similar Pokémon with its Shiny sprite. TR is a Steel Pokémon and his moveset consists of four moves: Earthquake, Iron Head, Spark and Surf. TR2 instead, debuting in the fourth and last episode of “Big Monster”, is instead a double type Steel/Electric Pokémon. His moveset is made of the following: Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Metal Burst and Thunderbolt. The abilities of the two are respectively Analytic and Flash Fire.

The door

The last two enemies of the Pokéstar Studios we’d like to present you are White Door and Black Door, two Pokémon starring in the Mystery Doors of the Magical Land series. In the movies, the player interprets a prince/princess attracted by the danger of night that decides to explore the darkness of the castle. During his exploration session, he finds a curious white door which he decides to through, making his way to a creepy and disturbing world. White Door and Black Door are the Pokémon of the villain of the movie series, Bellelba, played by Saffron City’s Gym Leader, Sabrina. The first of the two is a Fire type Pokémon with the ability Blaze. Its moves are Baton Pass, Inferno, Mirror Coat and Toxic. Its “brother” Black Door is a Grass type instead, with the ability Early Bird. Its moveset, made by Amnesia, Ingrain, Lucky Chant, Rest, Baton Pass, Counter, Flame Charge and Toxic, is largely bigger than White Door’s one.

A little bonus before concluding this section of the format goes for the this curious Pokémon that we’ll call “The white monster“. It doesn’t in fact have a name, and it’s inside the game files of Pokémon Black and White 2 version, without being used.

It’s only one of the unutilized sprites we can find in the game files, but it’s indeed one of the most interesting ones as it is a lookalike of Zero Two, the final boss of “Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards”. The reasoning behind the usage of this enemy of the Kirby universe as a Pokéstar Studios villain is probably to be addressed to it being used as a “placeholder“, a temporary image used during test phases of the two games.

The city that terrorized generations. Marowak Ghost in Lavender Town

Whether because of its haunting music or the stories that lie underneath, it doesn’t matter. The tower of Lavender Town has been terrorizing Pokémon players for decades. Inside of this tower, there’s a story that has a certain importance in the first generation games and among the community: the story of Marowak’s Ghost. Known with the name “Lavender Town Ghost“, the spectre was in the past the mother of a little Cubone in Lavender Town. Since is interested in obtaining as much Cubone skulls as possible to sell them, Team Rocket proceeds to kill everyone they could find in che city. However, one of them is protected by its mother Marowak, that ends up being killed while trying to save the son. To take revenge for this dirty and dishonest homicide, the ghost of that very Marowak has since then been wandering inside the Pokémon Tower of which it’s the master.

The Lavender Town Ghost appears in all the Pokémon adventures in Kanto region, except the two remakes Pokémon Soul Silver and Heart Gold. It has always been represented as a generic Ghost, becoming the symbol of this particular Pokémon Type. Indeeed, it is the figure that shows up when terastalizing a Pokémon into this Type. Only in the last Kanto region iteration, in Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee, the Pokémon has undergone some changes, being represented effectively by a spectral Marowak.

That’s it for today’s episode of Forgotten Dex. Make sure to synthonize with us often to never miss out on our next chapters. Forgetti, it’s time to say goodbye to our fellow Millenari!

Forgetti Pokéos

Roto-Tom! Tom! Tom!

Well done Forgetti! Now go and prepare some secrets for our users. They can’t wait for the next episode to come out and to discover new lost secrets of the Pokémon world.

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